Scarlet Ibis Restaurant •

The 50-seater Scarlet Ibis Restaurant ensures our guests have a full South African Breakfast. Lunch or breakfast packs may be ordered a day before. Dinner is served buffet style or clients may opt to have this in their rooms.

The Scarlet Ibis Restaurant

The menu presented by the Scarlet Ibis Restaurant represents a wide array of carefully selected dishes for those with impeccable taste. The menu features, local and international cuisine specializing in Indian, Moroccan, Caribbean and Lebanese dishes; and, features guest chefs to prepare a selected range of specialized dishes.

The delectable a-la-carte or buffet cuisine is complimented by a selection of excellent wine.

The restaurant is open for buffet or a-la-carte breakfast from 06h30 to 09h30, coffee shop and lunches during the day and dinners at night. This secluded and private venue also caters for those private intimate functions, like dinner parties and weddings.

Themed dinners with live entertainment, makes this restaurant a one-of-a-kind establishment in East London.

The Ibis Bar & Lounge

The Ibis Bar and Lounge is fully licensed, and is a small and intimate venue featuring a wide selection of drinks. Among the options available to guests is a carefully selected range of wines, a wide array of blended scotch and malt whiskies, and the best in champagnes and sparkling wines. We offer a wide range of cocktails, and, on cocktail evenings, we offer free hors d’ oeuvres and complementary snacks. Our hors d’ oeuvres menu at the bar includes Caribbean chicken, Caribbean fish fingers, Thai fish cakes, accra made of salted local fish or bacalhau, Thai steak fingers, tropical mini pies (beef, chicken and vegetable) and crackers with bulljoul, among others.

Our selection of snacks and dishes caters for those with impeccable taste, and is set up for clients who desire the best. We welcome patrons who dare to be different.